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I am waiting for your call, I am outbound and will come to you. You will open the door and I will be smiling. Then I walk in and you will lay down and I will start to massage your body with my soft silky hands. You will feel good inside and out and you will start to rise. Then you will start to smile with excitement and pleasure from the massage I am giving you. You will be waiting and wondering what will happen next, and what happens next will be exciting and fun. The way I make you feel, you will be left wanting more. All you have to do is pick up the phone and I will make all your dreams come true and the best part I am outbound so you will not have to leave your room. I will make everything happen where you are at in your hotel room. So go ahead pick up the phone and let me make your dreams come true. I am waiting and wanting to make this happen. I am here waiting for you, and only you.

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